The First Ever Green Gated Community In Chattogram


a home is more than a quest...
... a quest for the inner peace
... to be close to the nature
Petals unfold,
With the shouts of joy
Air flow, green grow,
In a youthful sun shine,
Gardenia is a dream of mine!
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CPDL Sultana Gardenia is one such masterpiece planned on a 71 Katha plot at Devpahar


Creating elevated, elegant and blissful Concept Properties is a campaign that CPDL carrying forward for a long time for the property buyers of Chattogram. CPDL is stepping towards the accomplishment gradually on completion of properties like CPDL CRIMSON CLOVER, the first ever star class condo in Chattogram, after that the widely popular secured community living DOWNTOWN CPDL and theliving poetry CPDL PARK RESIDENCE at Panchlaish R/A.

With all these experiences, now CPDL introduced CPDL SULTANA GARDENIA, the first ever green gated Community in Chattogram, a condominium that will grant every wish of the proud owners, a master plan that will be loved by all for the wide range of facilities has to be offered by the property. Gardenia is going to be a community with Heart, a community with Soul. The very first pre-planned green community in Chattogram, CPDL SULTANA GARDENIA embodies everything that’s good for life:from Outlook to health, from warmth of home to playful outdoors, life will be open yet secured; spirit of nature shall uphold the family values,social bondage and mutual respect towards the neighbors.

The entire property is enveloped by lush greenery that will make you feel as fresh as the undisputed nature and blooms that surround you.A stroll in the Gardens, either at ground or at rooftop shall uplift your mood; upon the grass carpet nature shall be your afternoon lounge.

CPDL SULTANA GARDENIA shall surely replenish a cheerful life for all of who are going to own the property in coming days.

With the hands on experience of developing wide area of multi-concentration property, expertise to manage the facilities, CPDL is now way ahead to take any challenge and carry forward this brilliant artwork to the successful completion.

Stay with the Experienced, Stay at CPDL SULTANA GARDENIA the first ever green gated community within the city.


Alphenia, CPDL Sultana Gardenia
Tower Donabella, CPDL Sultana Gardenia
Tower Camellia, CPDL Sultana Gardenia
Donabella, CPDL Sultana Gardenia


Katha Land Area




No. of Units

610 rft

Total Walkway Length

3230 sft

Total Health Activity Area

4480 sft

Total Essential Service Areas

9162 sft

Total Social Area

34083 sft

Total Sports & Fun Area

51000 sft

All Facilities and Service Area

Configuration of
Sultana Gardenia